Saturday, 20 May 2017

APRIL in MAY ..........

After a reasonably warm and dry April, we are now enjoying many April showers in May !!!!

Early this week, I decided to throw caution to the wind and plant out my gypsophila plants, despite the fact that there are still two weeks to go until the end of May !!! I know, daring is my middle name !!!! They had all been very happy and warm in the greenhouse and then were subjected to wind and whole days of rain !!

..... now look at the poor little things !!! They have been battered by the constant rain to within an inch of their lives.
Hopefully they will perk up and I will be able to show you the magnificent display that they will make in a few week's time ..... fingers crossed !!!

My sweet peas also took a bashing ..... I apologise to all of you who don't use slug pellets but, I have tried every alternative known to man { eggshells, nutshells, ash and cinders, sawdust, sandpaper, grit and gravel, sharp sand, hair, steel wool, pine needles and copper } and none of them work !! ..... BUT, I have found these that are O.K to wildlife, birds, pets and children and are taken underground by the slugs and any that are left, feed the soil so all is happy and good. 

This morning was beautiful ..... clear blue skies and sunshine but it's now raining again .....

SO .....

All I can do now is to enjoy a bit of hoppipolla until the showers go away.

Don't forget your brollies ..... it's definitely April in May !!!


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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

PARENT of the YEAR ..........

Once again, it's time to vote for Parent of the Year .....

Such a close call  !!!


Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Just wanted to apologise for not commenting much .....

My husband has had ' a little bit of trouble ' { said in a Frank Spencer voice !! } and had to have an operation, so we have been passing our time { and much of it } sitting on hospital chairs .... well, I've been sitting on the chairs, he has been out cold on the operating table !! 

Hopefully, I shall be back on track soon and commenting away like a gooden !!

Please excuse me while I go and put my nurses uniform on !!!

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Friday, 14 April 2017

DOWN in the POTTING SHED ..........

I've been in the potting shed all afternoon ... actually, I've been in the greenhouse but potting shed sounds so much better !!! ..........

I've potted on my Gypsophila ' Gypsy Rose ' .... all 40 little plants which still need protection from the frost so can't be planted out until the end of May. By then, they should be much bigger and look something like this ..........

I'll show you when they hopefully get like the above !!!

We have also bought the garden furniture out of their winter hibernation in the shed ... a sure sign that the weather is warming up !!

Happy Easter everyone ... enjoy lots of Easter Eggs, good food and drink and time with your family and friends.


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Monday, 20 March 2017

BOOK at BEDTIME ..........

I am currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I can't give you a full review yet as I am only about 100 pages in but, so far, I am loving it !!!

The book has had mixed reviews as all books do but, for me, the prose sparkles and the story itself is a feat of magical acrobatics. 

I find books very hard to summarise and this book is no exception but here is a short summary .....

The Night Circus is a fairytale, set in Victorian London - a wandering magical and mysterious circus that is open only from sunset to sunrise .....

Les Cirque des Rêves, the circus of dreams ..... wonders of a blooming garden made of ice, acrobats soaring without a net, where patrons can float on clouds ..... the circus appears without warning and leaves without notice.

Two magicians young proteges, Celia and Marco, are set against one another in a magical contest ..... but, things get complicated when they start falling in love with each other .....

OK , that's what I'm reading. I have My Last Duchess by Daisy Goodwin to read next but then I'm book less so can you all tell me what you are reading so that I can line up some more books for my book at bedtime ?



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Saturday, 11 March 2017

THE JOYS OF OLD AGE !!!! ..........

As one gets older, it's not just your body going south and deteriorating that you have to worry about ..... it's your house !! 

When you are young you have a whole new bathroom or  kitchen ..... when you get older, everything starts to give up and look tired. The whole room doesn't need doing so you have to find someone to do all of the little things that need doing .....


We have had at least three plumbers come round, telling us that they can do everything that we ask and then we've never heard from them again !!! ..... and, it's not us, it's the job. I'm sure that they get a call for a bigger job and, being more lucrative, they take that job and we get forgotten !! 

I don't want to tempt fate 


I think we might have found one { famous last words !! }
He has fixed our hot water that gave up the ghost, got the radiator in one of our bedrooms working that no other plumber has managed to do, he has put back the shower door that fell of a week after he fixed the hot water and, he reckons he can do all of the other plumbing jobs that we've asked him to do !!!

HURRAH !!!!!

Do you have this trouble or is it just us ?!!

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Thursday, 23 February 2017


I didn't think that Hurricane Doris was going to hit the South East as hard it has .....

Chris and I have been out in it all morning/early afternoon fixing the fence between our house and next door that had blown down .....

It was so strong that I very nearly got blown over { slight little thing that I am !!! ha ha } so, in the words of Colin Baker { English News correspondent for you overseas readers }

" This is Jackie, from Home Blog, married, mother, with an aching heart,  soaked, really soaked, with cold feet, windswept, can't feel my hands, weather-beaten, pissed off, really dreadfully pissed off, drenched and with splinters " !!!

Hope that wherever you are, you are safe and have escaped any damage ..... thank goodness we had a new roof three years ago !!


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